16th August, 2011 Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Parish Room, Village Hall, Great Gidding at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hill, Hodson, Howden and the clerk

697.11 Apologies for absence
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Hayden, Giddens and Trolove

698.11 Minutes of 19th July 2011.
Approved and signed

699.11 Matters arising
(For information only) It was noted that due to a change in supply the replacement laptop will be a higher spec and cost £450 which is still within budget

700.11 Members declaration of interest for agenda items

701.11 Annual Return
Notice of closure of Audit had been received and posted on the notice board

702.11 Data Protection renewal
it was agreed to pay the annual renewal of £35

703.11 Review of Water Rates.
It was agreed that the Parish Council continue to pay the water rates for the recreation ground – to be reviewed annually.

704.11 Review grass cutting contract
It was agreed to get 3 quotes for the cutting of the recreation ground and village green for a 3 year period

705.11 Parish Plan review/refresh
It was agreed to formulate a simple questionnaire to be incorporated in the Clarion

706.11 Planning
No plans received

707.11 Review of polling districts and polling place
No changes to Great & Little Gidding. It was noted that the Parish Council elections would be due in 2012

708.11 Set date for annual meeting of Gt.Gidding Charity Trustees and Village Hall & Recreation Ground Charity Trustees.
It was agreed to hold a meeting of the Trustees following the next Parish Council meeting on 20th September

709.11 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
It was agreed that the Parish Council would consider financial support to those organising an event for the whole community, but requests would need to submitted by the November meeting.

710.11 Bank Reconciliation and payment of accounts were approved

• PC Ok (laptop) £450.00
• Moore Stephens (Audit) £162.00
• The Information Commission £35.00
• Bradgate (grass cutting) £255.00
• S Dalley (clerk) no PAYE deductions £295.70
• S Dalley (postage and stationary) £8.20

711.11 Representatives reports

• Allotments – Cllr Howden – Manure is to be deposited on the vacant allotment for all holders to make use of
• Rights of Way – Electronic map of public rights of way and countryside access opportunities in the parish had been received. Bridlepath No 2 sign had been reinstated
• Highways & Police Cllr Hayden – no report
• School – Cllr Alexander will be making contact with the school after the summer break
• Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported that all the major work to the hall was now complete and a list of minor jobs had been made which would be worked through. Cllr Hill asked for the management committee to look at improvements to the car park rented from Milton Estates (old tennis court)
• Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson reported that the charity commission were now accepting annual returns. He also reported that the online facility to view the accounts improved the risk management of the Parish Council finances
• Tree Warden – Cllr Trolove – no report, awaiting help/advice from the County Council tree officer on condition of trees in the parish

712.11 Correspondence received

• Preparation for the coming winter season 2011/12 – West Highways Division –return form stating grit bin locations within the village
• Preliminary Draft Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule and Draft Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document – Huntingdonshire District Council – noted
• Invitation to Annual Public Meeting and Staff Innovation and Excellence Awards on 21st September- Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust – noted
• Electronic map of public rights of way and countryside access opportunities – noted
• Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan – consultation – noted
• Cambridgeshire ACRE invitation to Annual Meeting 27th Sep – noted
• Results of the FitVille event – Gidding are the winners and will be presented with a cheque for £200 to put toward a community project.
• District Wide magazine will now be in electronic format only and the Parish council agreed to have a link to the Giddings website.
• A copy of a letter had been received from a resident to County Cllr Viv McGuire asking for support to get better broadband for the Giddings. The Parish Council agreed to write requesting support from the County Council to improve the provision of a better broadband service.

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