Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 18th October 2011 at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hodson, Howden, Hill, Giddens, Trolove, clerk and two members of the public

A proposal was put to the council for a celebration to mark the Diamond Jubilee 2012 with an evening event on the 2nd June in the village hall and a family event on the Recreation Ground on 4th June.

729.11 Apologies for absence
Received from Cllr Hayden

730.11 Minutes of 20th September 2011
Approved and signed

731.11 Matters arising
(information only)

732.11 Members declaration of interest for agenda items
Cllr Giddens item 738.11

733.11 Parish Plan Refresher
Only two questionnaires had been returned, comments noted but no further action required.

734.11The Great Gidding Newt Trail update and payment of invoices
Work has started on the new website and the map for the interpretation boards.   Warning signs had been ordered and received along with the invoice from the Wildlife Trust.

735.11 Fields for the Future – Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge
No update received

736.11 Review of Neighbourhood Forums in Huntingdonshire
Cllr Hayden to be asked to complete questionnaire.

737.11 Diamond Jubilee – village celebration update
Following a written request and presentation prior to the meeting it was agreed to underwrite the proposed evening event on 2nd June in the village up to £1000.

738.11 Planning
Application 1101354FUL two semi-detached cottages 47 Main Street, Great Gidding – the council agreed to approve this application for infill  development appropriate to this site .

739.11 Society of Local Council clerks membership renewal £82
It was agreed to renew membership

740.11 Training – clerk and councillor.
Clerk was given approval to attend a training day on 14th November (working day) and approval to claim travel expenses.   Clerk to investigate code of conduct training for new councillors.

741.11 Parish Council Expenditure 2012/13 est. cost of contested election £750 uncontested £105.
This was noted and will be accounted for in the budget proposal for next month

742.11 Disposal of old laptop (wiped clean)
Offer received £20 – it was agreed to accept this offer

743.11 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques agreed
• S Dalley (clerk) £295.70
• Bradgate (grass cutting) £255.00
• Bradgate (replacement cheque for 100744) £255.00
• P Hodson (charity account- allotments)  £19.44
• P Hodson (Lottery fund – signs) £54.08
• P Hodson (new pond) £19.99
• SLCC membership    £82.00
• A Underwood (S137) village event £350.00
• The WildlifeTrust (Lottery fund) £2,700.00
• M Read (Clarion delivery) £10.00 Not claimed

744.11 Representatives reports
• Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens – no known R oW problems
• Allotments – Cllr Howden to take water meter reading
• Highways & Police – Cllr Hayden no report but communication from Anglian Water received.   It was agreed to ask for more details on length of time leaks taken to fix before writing to the Highways and copying to MP.   At the time of the meeting we were informed that the leak in Luddington Road was causing low water pressure in the village and no water for properties in Luddington Road
• School – Cllr Alexander to attend official opening of the improvements to the school on Friday 21st October.   It was noted that the school had asked for use of the car park for this event.
• Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported that the grass was still being well kept and the Sawtry colts still making good use of the facilities.   Repairs to the front fence will be carried out in due course
• Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson submitted annual returns to the Charity Commission had been completed.
• Tree Warden – Cllr Trolove – Elm Tree Scheme was not found to be suitable.   A request for the full annual allocation of 50 trees from the District Council has been made.   It was agreed to allocate £300 for planting fruit trees in the Jubilee Wood to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

745.11 Correspondence received
• Parish Council’s HCV strategy meeting invite 29th November, 7-9pm, Swavesey – noted
• How to respond to planning applications: an 8-step guide – Cllr Alexander agreed to read and pass on information
• Luminus Street representative Scheme update – noted
• The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons – the guide to taking part – noted
• CPALC AGM agenda and minutes for 3rd December and membership renewal reminder – agreed in April not to renew this year
• Broadband – Letter received from Shailesh Vara MP who is speaking to the County Council on our behalf to request a better broadband speed.
• Anglia in Bloom Seminar 1st November in Dunstable – noted
• Village SOS event in St Ives 15th November – noted

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