Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 19th July 2011 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hayden (Vice Chairman), Hodson, Hill, Giddens, Trolove and clerk
680.11 Apologies for absence
Received from Cllr Howden and District Cllr Tuplin
681.11 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 21st June
Amended to reflect the omission of cheque payment to the clerk and Bradgate and agreement to purchase a hard drive for PC back-up then signed
682.11 Matters arising
(for information only)
683.11 Members declaration of interest for agenda items
684.11 Clerk appraisal and job review. The clerk left the meeting during the discussion. The clerk and Cllr Hodson signed the appraisal.
685.11 Audit
An amended letter had been received from the internal auditor and accepted (cheque payment to be forwarded). The external auditor had sought clarification on variation of receipts from previous year. This was due to the claim for VAT on the Lottery Fund money.
686.11 Grass cutting invoice – VAT payment
The first payment had been forwarded without the addition of VAT – paperwork reflects this and payment agreed
687.11 Trees
Review of trees on Parish Land. It was agreed to contact the County Council Tree Officer to ask for a site meeting to assess the trees within the village in respect of dead or diseased trees.
688.11 Parish Plan
Letter from ACRE. It was agreed to ask ACRE if they had any samples of short questionnaires that could be used to review the 2004 Plan
689.11 Planning
Planning Application 1101001REP replacement of planning permission 0801956FUL for erection of two dwellings, 23 Gains Lane. It was agreed to recommend refusal as in previous application – damage to Gains Lane, drainage, overlooking properties and in a conservation area.
Luminus properties – Air Source Heat Pumps. It was agreed to write to the planning department (copied to Luminus) concerning the erection of these obtrusive additions to the outside of properties in a conservation area.
690.11 Charity Commission returns.
Cllr Hodson would complete these as soon as the website was accepting returns.
691.11 The Giddings Website
Invoice Annual hosting £94.66 and updating £180.00. It as agreed to pay this account.
692.11 Invitation to Parish Path volunteers to a network meeting 21st July.
Although members would have liked to attend the date and time did not suit.
693.11 Gidding in Bloom feedback
The judges had been very impressed with the look of the village – litter free, planters, community involvement etc. Parish Council thanked Paul Hodson for producing the portfolio, Rachel Giddens for her work in getting the project off the ground and Robin and Gill Hayden for hosting the judges on the day. Michael Trolove agreed to produce more photographic evidence as requested and forward to the judges. Results will be announced at a presentation to be held on 13th September and it was agreed to fund two parishioners to attend (£25 per head). Cllr Hill expressed an interest in attending.
694.11 Bank reconciliation and payment of accounts agreed as follows
New bank reconciliation format produced as internet banking now in operation

  • Wildcare (pond waders) £190.74
  • S Dalley (clerk – no PAYE deducted) £295.70
  • Bradgate (grass cutting VAT April) + June cut £276.25
  • Canalbs (internal audit) £87.00
  • Paul Crank (website) £274.66

695.11 Representatives reports
Allotments – another new allotment had been allocated, making 9 out of 10
Highways & Police – Cllr Hayden reported Cambs sign on Luddington Road had been knocked over. The ongoing problem of water in Luddington Road is still causing problems; Anglian Water and the Highways department are dealing with this. The Highways Department have agreed to increase the bus parking space outside the school to allow the driver easier and safer access and to prevent further damage to the pavement. It was agreed to recommend an increase of 3 metres to the parking space
Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens reported that Bridlepath No 2 sign had been knocked over.
School – Cllr Alexander reported that the school had been active in the village – taking part in Anglia in Bloom, using the Village Hall for end of term performances and the Recreation Field for sports events.
Village Hall & Recreation Field – Cllr Hodson reported that Safety checks had been completed in the Recreation field and that they were looking at funding for some new (all age) equipment
Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson asked the council to consider use of S137 funds possibly for Jubilee celebrations
Tree Warden – Cllr Trolove – see agenda item 687.11
696.11 Correspondence received

  • CARESCO – change of status – noted
  • Cambridgeshire Localism – community in practice – no action

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