Present:   Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Trolove, Howden, Hodson, Hill, Giddens,   County Councillor Mcguire and District Cllr


Councillor Mcguire informed the meeting about the
Neighbourhood forums ‘In your Patch’ and Councillor Tuplin gave details on the
Library Service in Sawtry and how Localism may improve the planning process


746.11 Apologies for absence – none received

747.11 Minutes of 18th October 2011 were approved and signed

748.11 Matters arising (information only)

749.11 Members declaration of interest for agenda items – none

750.11 Grass cutting contract 2012 – only one quote received and reference to be sought –
decision at December meeting

751.11 The Great Gidding Newt Trail – it was agreed to produce 3 interpretation boards with a
hand drawn map including footpaths (artwork by Catalyst) digitally printed and
laminated vinyl face on aluminium.

752.11 Archives – minute books and accounts from 1895 – 1998 had been deposited at Huntingdon
Library and Archives.

753.11 Anglian Water – requested information on time taken to repair leaks, Main Street had been received.   It was
agreed to monitor and record any future leaks to add to a case for replacement pipes

754.11 Diamond Jubilee – village celebration no update

755.11 Planning – no planning

756.11 Rural Broadband – response from MP and County Council was received but there are no plans to improve the Winwick exchange in this round of funding.   It was agreed to ask our MP to put our community forward for a scheme to improve Mobile Phone Coverage

757.11 The District Council will be removing the Paper Bank from the village as it is no longer economically viable.   The
offer of a Textile bank to be considered at December meeting

758.11 Meeting dates for 2012 – it was agreed to continue meeting on the 3rd
Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm with the Annual meeting in May following elections

759.11 Budget plan and setting of Precept – this was discussed and it was agreed to make a small
increase to meet rising costs of insurance, water, BT and village maintenance.   Sum precepted £10,835

760.11 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques

S Dalley (clerk)                                                        £295.70

Bradgate (grass cutting)                                           £127.50

Anglian Water (allotments)                                        £66.89 (charity account)

761.11 Representatives reports

Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens hoped to attend Definitive Map seminar 22nd November

Allotments – Cllr Howden agreed to look into the rules for allowing non residents to be allocated an
allotment.  It was agreed to supply information on allotments as requested by HDC.
Mr Bostock had requested permission to erect a greenhouse on his allotment (not exceeding 10’x8’), this was agreed.

Highways & Police – North West Hunts Panel Meeting 19th Oct – parking outside
school Gt Gidding – noted

School – Cllr Alexander had attended the official opening of the improvements to the school.

Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported increase use of the hall.  A long term plan for the need and or
replacement of the pavilion was required

Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson – finance covered under 759.11 and nothing to report on charities

Tree Warden – Cllr Trolove was awaiting bare root stock list to complete order of fruit trees
for Jubilee Wood

762.11 Correspondence received

.Citizens Advice Bureau  request for donation – not allocated

.The Localism Bill update October 2011 produced by CPALC – noted

. Briefing note – Inspectors report on the examination of the Cambs & Peterborough Minerals and
Waste site specific proposals plan – noted

.CCTV funding request from HDC – not allocated


































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