Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the
Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 20th December 2011 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hayden (Vice
Chairman),  Howden, Giddins, District
Cllr Tuplin and Clerk.


763.11 Apologies for
absence were received from Cllrs Hodson and Trolove

764.11 Minutes of
15th November 2011 were accepted and signed

765.11 Matters
arising (information only)

766.11 Members
declaration of interest for agenda items – none

767.11 Grass
cutting contract 2012.   Following
lengthy discussion it was decided to accept the quote from CGM.(£71.63 + VAT)   Although happy with the service provided by
Bradgate the budget must be considered and best value obtained

768.11 The Great
Gidding Newt Trail update – website now live

769.11 Noticeboard
at top of Main Street – Robin agreed to treat with wood preservative

770.11 Rural Housing Needs Survey – this will go ahead in the new year
and be linked with neighbouring villages

771.11 Diamond
Jubilee – village celebration update – Band booked for Village Hall event 2nd
June and ideas still being considered for family event on Recreation Ground 4th

772.11 Planning –
Community Infrastructure Levy – District Cllr Tuplin explained this new system
which is due to take effect in April 2012

773.11 Rural
Broadband – Mobile Phone Coverage – no further information received

774.11 Textile
Recycling Bank in the village – Robin agreed to ask the pub if they would be
willing to have this sited in their car park

775.11 Fields in
Trust – Queen Elizabeth II Recreation Ground – Deed of Dedication being processed
and clerk to register for the Have a Field Day toolkit

776.11 Litterbin
location on Main Street – clerk to contact HDC to enquire if the bin outside
the public house could be relocated in the village (current location obscures
the view for traffic entering Main Street from Mill Road.

777.11 Local Minor
Highway Improvements Funding – for discussion at January meeting – possible
scheme could be kerbing one side of Chapel End from Gains Lane to Main Street

778.11 Vehicles
exceeding speed limit through the village – Police to be asked to provide any
figures recorded of speeding within the village. Clerk to send a reminder to
the personnel who work at RAF Molesworth

779.11 Anglia in
Bloom – an offer of wildflower seeds had been received from HDC and it was
agreed to accept these with a view to planting around the new pond in the
Jubilee Wood where the ground would be suitable

780.11 Rental
agreement for Parish Land – it was agreed that a revised agreement should be
drawn up and discussed again at the January meeting

781.11 Street
Lighting replacement scheme – a change of bulb to a white light source was
being carried out in the village

782.11 Reconciliation
of accounts and payment of cheques was agreed

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                  £295.70

BT (Direct Debit)                                                               £117.64

M Trolove (trees for Jubilee Wood)                                £300.81

Catalyst (Newt Trail website)                                           £720.00 Lottery Fund

Catalyst (new village website)                                          £600.00 Charity Account

783.11 Representatives

Rights of Way –
Cllr Giddens had attended the P3 Parish & Volunteers’ Definitive Map
Seminar on 22nd November

Allotments –
Cllr Howden reported that the new allotments were looking good with one still available

Highways &
Police – Cllr Hayden reported  Anglian
Water drain cover broken 20yds on left as you turn off the main road to Little

School – Cllr
Alexander reported that a good OFSTED has been achieved

Village Hall
& Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported on new doors and receipt of
profit from the village event ‘A bit of a do’

Finance &
Charities – Cllr Hodson – no report

Tree Warden –
Cllr Trolove reported Fruit trees had been received and planted

784.11 Correspondence

Aboutmyarea – community website for
Huntingdon and surrounding villages – it was agreed to link the new website

Zurich municipal  insurance information request – quotes would
be sought ready for  renewal in June

CPALC training programme 2012 noted

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