Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 20th March 2012 at 7.30pm.


829.12 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Hill

830.12 Minutes of 21st February 2012 were agreed and signed

831.12 Matters arising (information only)

832.12 Members declaration of interest for agenda items Cllr Hodson and Howden 836.12

833.12 It was agreed to reissue a licence to graze for the tenant of the Parish Field, Winwick Road

834.12 The Great Gidding Newt Trail update –An example of the interpretation boards was viewed and all agreed to produce one for Chapel End, Main Street and Jubilee Wood ponds.   Cllr Hodson to co-ordinate production with Catalyst.

835.12 Speedwatch update – A letter concerning this issue had been received and it was agreed to invite them to attend the Annual Parish Meeting

836.12 Rent increase for Parish Council use of village hall from £500 to £550.   Provision for this increase had been made in the budget and all agreed to this rise.

837.12 Diamond Jubilee – a request had been received the Management committee to support a village event at Recreation Ground on 4th June.   This would be run under the Big Lunch scheme and the Parish Council agreed to allocate up to £200 for a celebratory drink (beer, wine and soft)

838.12 Recreation Ground improvements to entrance  – it was agreed to obtain 3 quotes to replace the fence either side of the gate with a post and rail fence and reset the gate posts.

839.12 Fields in Trust – Queen Elizabeth II commemorative plaque it was agreed to have this set in concrete at the entrance to the Recreation Ground

840.12 Planning – H/05001/10/CC extend permission for canopy and covered play area H/05009/09/CC extend permission for 8 bay mobile classroom building complex at School – supported

841.12 Community Hubs – report on meeting held on 27th February was circulated

842.12 Appointment of Internal Auditor – it was agreed to appoint Steve Wilson of Canalbs

843.12 Review asset register (ready for insurance quotes)-this was completed

844.12 Register of Interests – new requirements noted

845.12 Textile recycling bank – had been sited in the village hall car park and would be advertised in the Clarion

846.12 Buses – proposed removal of subsidies by CCC was noted

847.12 Annual Parish Meeting 17th April – the school and church had agreed to attend and give an update.   Mark Daes from ACRE to give a report on the rural housing needs survey and Nene and Ouse community transport to be invited to attend

848.12 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques were agreed

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                  £295.70

ACRE membership renewal                                                 £40.00

849.12 Representatives reports

Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens – nothing to report

Allotments – Cllr Howden reported half allotment allocated.   Letter from Julie Byard requesting siting of a shed was agreed

Highways & Police – Cllr Hayden reported that there had been an increase in burglaries in villages near to the A1

School – Cllr Alexander reported building work complete and a new website

Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported that 100 new chairs had been ordered – the old chairs would be stored for outside use.   It was agreed to ask Bradgate to complete one more cut of the Recreation Ground.

Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson advised that the VAT claim would not be received before the end of the financial year.   It was suggested that the £200 received by TecnoGym be put towards the replacement fencing at Recreation Ground – all agreed

Tree Warden – Cllr Trolove had agreed to meet Wayne Stewar from CCC on Monday 21st May at 1130 to look at the trees in Gains Lane

850.12 Correspondence received

Copy of a letter from CC Highways sent to resident – noted

Invite to HDC meeting 25th April – ‘What will localism mean for our Parish Council’

Economy, Transport and Environment update from CCC – noted

Community Action Issue 1/Spring 2012 by Cambs ACRE


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