Minutes of the Meeting of Great and Little Gidding Parish Council Held on the 15th December 2015, 7.30PM start

PRESENT: Cllrs Alexander (Chair), James (Vice-Chair), Howden, Giddens and the Minute Taker (Mrs Julie Trolove)
Key: CCC = Cambridgeshire District Council HDC = Huntingdon District Council PC = Parish Council
Members of the Public: 3
281.15 Chairman’s Welcome
282.15 To receive apologies and reasons for absence Cllr Hayden due to ill health.
283.15 Member’s declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests NONE
284.15 Public and Press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
Salt box on Chapel End – a member of the public queried the siting of the salt box near Chapel End Pond, as it had been intended to site this on the grass triangle on the bend in Chapel End. It was confirmed that this was in the wrong spot and the member of public offered to relocate it.
285.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 17th. Minutes confirmed as a true and correct record of the meeting. The Chairman signed and dated them.
286.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
Eastern Tree Services had requested payment of their invoice, Cllr Alexander has reminded them that payment will be made once written confirmation has been received that all trees have been checked.
Cllr Giddens enquired if the trees surrounding the Playing Field had been checked and Cllr Alexander advised that all trees on the boundary had been visually inspected.
287.15 Communication from the Parish Cllrs
Cllr Giddens reported there had been damage to the bridleways caused by horses. Also that her contact at Cambridgeshire County Council is no longer available.
Cllr Hodson has checked the accounts.
Cllr Alexander advised that the Clarion is ready to be delivered.
Cllr James will deliver the Clarion in the near future – a member of public offered to assist with Chapel End deliveries.
288.15 Update on the Parish Clerk vacancy
The closing date for applications is 17 December 2015, there has been 1 applicant.
289.15 Finance
a) Payment of accounts
All items on the agenda were agreed
(Eastern Tree Surgery – see above, payment was to be deferred).
Receipts: None
b) Noted
c) C Bradley (Parish Clerk) has completed the Barclays Bank Change of Mandate form and has provided an accompanying letter to confirm removal of her name from the list of signatories. Cllr Alexander will post the form and letter.
290.15 Items for discussion on next agenda

  • Appointment of Parish Clerk
  • Cllr Hodson requested that, if possible, the Parish Clerk candidate be interviewed and, if accepted to post, be introduced at the next Parish Council Meeting.
  • Trees
  • New Parish Councillors
  • Playing field – orange barrier around area where slabs removed, needs backfilling with soil.

291.15 Date of next meeting 19th January 2016
Meeting closed 8.15PM

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