Minutes of the Meeting of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council held on Tuesday 16th August 2016 at 7:30pm

Present: Cllrs A Alexander (Chair), R Giddens, R Hayden, P Hodson, L James, P Jarvis and E Richmond

In Attendance: L Ellis (Clerk)

CCC = Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC = Huntingdon District Council
PC = Parish Council

Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies and reason for absence

C Cllr S Bywater (other commitments)

Member’s declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Cllrs Alexander and James declared an interest in planning application 16/01440/FUL.

Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
The Chairman reported that correspondence had been received from the Speed Watch Co-ordinator which would be discussed at agenda item 113.16.

To confirm and accept minutes of meeting held on 19th July 2016
To take the minutes as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr James and seconded by Cllr Hodson. The minutes were then duly signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising from minutes
Cllr Jarvis referred to item 93.16 where a resident had offered to remove the dog waste from a litter bin. Although the Council has public liability insurance he wished to be clear that the Council had considered all avenues in relation to assessing risk, training and providing the required equipment.
It was agreed that the Clerk should look at producing a risk assessment to ensure both parties are not at risk. It was also agreed that the bin should be removed until the risk elements had been resolved.
Cllr Hayden reported that volunteers had been involved in litter picks in the village and were required to sign a declaration of acceptance of risk. He also thanked the resident on behalf of the Council for offering to undertake the emptying of the bin.

Communication from CouncillorsCllr Giddens reported that 3 more ‘welcome’ leaflets had been delivered to new residents.
The poster for the forthcoming ‘Riding and Roadcraft’ event in the Village Hall at 3pm on Saturday 10th September is to be placed in the noticeboard outside the school. Cllr Giddens also requested help and assistance in producing cakes and refreshments, all proceeds will go to the Village Hall fund, all offers of help would be greatly accepted.

Cllr James reported that the new Whippet timetable was now available, she agreed to attempt to condense the document in order for it to be posted on the website.

Cllr Jarvis reminded Council that the Village Show event would be taking place on Saturday 20th August.

Cllr Hodson reported that a plot holder had been using a hosepipe at the allotment site, this is not permissible.
It was also noted that a plot had a number of raised beds which are not within the boundaries of their plot and should be moved away from the path. The Clerk to contact the plot holder.

Cllr Hayden reported that the sewerage manhole covers at the Luddington Road/Chapel End crossroads and at the Mill Road/Fox & Hounds T junction appear to be sinking. He also reported that the white lining in Main Street is not clearly visible. Cllr James reminded Council that faults should be reported directly on the Highways fault system HYPERLINK “https://highwaysreporting.cambridgeshire.gov.uk” https://highwaysreporting.cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Road safety:
Speed boundaries/zones

Speed Watch statistics

30mph bin stickers

Safety mirrors

Cllr James reported that it may be possible to apply for funding under the Local Highways Improvement Initiative (LHI).This will be investigated further.
The Chairman reminded Council that consideration should be given during debates not to name individuals as this had recently occurred during a discussion on Speed Watch.
It was noted that the Police would be able to provide further statistics. Cllr Giddens was concerned that the Council were considering the statistics; motorists react to seeing the hi-viz jackets more so than with signage. Cllr Hodson stated that he thought that it was positive and hoped that more volunteers would come forward. It was noted that other funding streams were being investigated by the group. The equipment is shared and the Council agreed that they will consider match funding.
Cllr James reported that, as a resident, she had written to the Police & Crime Commissioner asking what his commitments are in supporting Speed Watch as residents are undertaking the job of the Police.

It was agreed that the Speed Watch team of volunteers were doing an excellent job for the village.

Council discussed and agreed to purchase a supply of 30mph bin stickers, Cllr James agreed to distribute them to villagers.

Council agreed to purchase a safety mirror for installation at the village hall.

Feedback on playing field & equipment
Cllr Alexander reported that he had washed the swing seats and noted that a number of the seats are cracking. Cllr Richmond stated that the Council should be investing in the youngsters and recommended that the seats should be replaced. Council agreed to replace the seats at a cost of £384.53 which was inclusive of installation costs. It was also agreed that the remainder of the small posts should be removed and backfilled.

Highways Improvement Grant
Cllr James reported that the Local Highways Improvement Initiative (LHI) scheme was now open for Councils to apply for grants for their projects with a closing date of 30th November. Grants are available up to £10K and applicants will be required to contribute a minimum of at least 10% of the total scheme cost.
A possible project would be mobile speed indicators located on moveable posts at a cost of £3,200 plus £103 per post. The indicators are battery operated and would be maintained by Highways. Signage and boundary changes can also be applied for.
All applications are short listed and considered by a panel of County Councillors who select the projects to receive funding.
Council agreed that Cllr James and the Clerk should work together and prepare a project proposal for consideration by Council.

Planning applications –

16/01440/FUL – Land at junction off Bullock Road and Infield Road, Glatton
Council considered the planning application:

Siting of a temporary agricultural dwelling. No objection.

Dyke in Luddington Road
Nothing to report at this time.

Brook in the jitty
It was noted that two slabs protecting the bank are missing and there is a degree of bank erosion and was therefore in need of attention. The Clerk reported that she was in contact with the Environment Agency.

Village Hall
The Chairman reported that currently the Committee consists of only three residents and more are required to join. It was noted that the Clerk had received a full set of their accounts, the playground inspections costing £54 should have been paid for by the Council and not the Village Hall.

Councillor training feedback
Cllr Jarvis reported that with Cllrs James and Richmond he had attended a New Councillor training course organised by Sawtry PC. It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent for organising an excellent course which was provided to us free of charge.
Training areas covered were:-
Localism Act 2011, Code of Conduct and knowing the 7 principles, role of the Chairman,declaring interests, the role of the Clerk/RFO, meetings/agendas. Council agreed that the Clerk should remain on the bank mandate for cheque signing; all Council cheque payments require two signatures.
Council agreed that it was a valuable experience and other Cllrs should attend if Sawtry PC are able organise another training event.

Correspondence duly noted

a)Payment of accounts
£133.80 – L Ellis (100960)
£102.89 – CGM Group (100961)
£35.00 – Information Commissioner (100962)
£305.21 – Salaries (SO)
£18.80 – BT
£37.72 – Anglian Water
£320.00 – P Hodson (100086) Charity a/c

All payments were unanimously approved and all associated documentation was initialled by two signatories.

Items for discussion at the September meeting
Highways issues

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 20th September 2016

Meeting closed
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, the meeting then closed at 9:10pm

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