Minutes of the Meeting of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council held on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 7:30pm

Present: Cllrs L James (Chair), R Giddens, R Hayden and P Jarvis

In Attendance: L Ellis (Clerk)

CCC = Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC = Huntingdon District Council
PC = Parish Council

Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies and reason for absence

Cllrs A Alexander (holiday), P Hodson (holiday) and
E Richmond (other commitments)

Member’s declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda


To confirm and accept minutes of the meeting held on 16th August 2016
To take the minutes as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr Jarvis and seconded by Cllr Giddens. The minutes were then duly signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising from minutes
Cllr Jarvis referred to item 111.16 relating to risk assessments and offered to assist the Clerk in the production of assessments for litter and dog waste clearance.

Communication from Councillors
Cllr Giddens reported that brambles had been cleared from both entrances of the public footpath in the Churchyard. There are some safety concerns at the condition of the sloping footpath as it is slippery due to moss and leafdrop.
The matter should be reported to the County Council as they have responsibility for footpaths, bridleways and BOATS and they have an obligation to make them safe.
It was noted that the resident of Churchside House has been made aware of his overhanging tree.

It was noted that a ‘welcome’ leaflet had been delivered.

Councillor James reported that the playground swing seats had been replaced and had been well received by parents and children.

Councillor James reported that she had received a response to her personal enquiry to the Police & Crime Commissioner in relation to Speedwatch. The P&CC replying that he is a supporter of the scheme and that the Police are looking to purchase additional equipment and will replace broken equipment. He is keen to ensure that villages work together if they are short on volunteers.
It was noted that a new post has been created for the whole County.

Planning application –

16/01658/HHFUL – Montpellier House, Dells Close, Gt Gidding

Council considered the planning application:

Demolition of conservatory, build new extension to kitchen. No objection.

Highways issues
Cllr Hayden reported that it was unfortunate that
C.Cllr Bywater was not present at the meeting. It was reported that the village boundary from Glatton to Great Gidding that the nearside of the verge past the crossroads has sunk, cars have gone off the edge and the surface is far from good. It is appreciated that the County has financial constraints but the B660 needs money spending on it.

It was noted that there was surface water outside a new bungalow and that Anglian Water had taken samples and reported that it did not contain chlorine. Subsidence is likely to occur at this location if the situation is not resolved.

There is a lack of white lining in the highway and in some places non-existent. Villages do not have the benefit of ‘cats eyes’ due to the noise factor.

Cllr Hayden reported that he is still concerned that a manhole cover is starting to subside and cyclists could have an accident. Grass is growing down the centre of the road in Little Gidding to St John’s Church, this is a ‘C’ class road but it leads to a well visited historic building.

Cllr James suggested that the Local Highways Officer should be invited to visit the village to judge the situation on behalf of the County.

To review the Clarion article
Council reviewed the draft and agreed that Councillors would produce their own articles for inclusion in the Clarion and the Clerk would collate them, Council would then agree the final copy prior to publication.
The Clerk to re-issue the current amended article for comment.

To review the grass cutting contract – tender process
It was agreed that the Clerk should contact the current contractor to request a quotation for the grass cutting work for 2017 with a view to agreeing to a longer term agreement.

Correspondence duly noted.

It was noted that HDC have requested that the Council’s precept requirements for 2017/18 are required by 16th December, it was agreed to discuss and agree the budget in November.

The Council have been advised that the hedging at the play area needs cutting back. The Clerk to obtain a quotation from the CGM Group.

a)Payment of accounts
£25.00 – British Horse Society (100963)
£150.00 Village Show (100964)
£135.00 L Ellis (100965)
£411.54 – CGM Group (100966)
£305.21 – Salaries (SO)
£21.01 – BT

b)Update on the 2015/16 annual return

All payments were unanimously approved and all associated documentation was initialled by two signatories.

The Clerk reported that the external auditor had requested further information on the variances for
Box 6 – expenditure. A response has been submitted.

Items for discussion at the October meeting
Highways issues
Village noticeboards
Risk assessments

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 18th October 2016

Meeting closed
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, the meeting then closed at 8:30pm

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