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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.30pm.


Present Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hayden (Vice Chairman), Hodson Howden, Trolove, Giddens, James, District Cllr Tysoe and Clerk


1.13 Apologies for absence – none

2.13 Minutes of 18th December 2012 with amendment were approved and signed

3.13 Matters arising (information only)

4.13 Members declaration of interest for agenda items Cllr James 18.13

5.13 Dispensation Procedure for Councillors to set budget and annual precept.   It was agreed to review this following further information obtained by the clerk attending an SLCC meeting on 22nd February

6.13 Ash dieback FERA Inspection report had not yet been received

7.13 Common Sense Risk Management of Trees – Cllr Trolove, Tree Warden had read the document and it was agreed that he would continue to carry out an informal inspection of trees on Parish Land – arable field and grazing land.   The VH & RG committee had added the trees on the Recreation Ground to their monthly inspection.

8.13 BT account – the annual line rental had been paid and direct debit would now be a monthly payment plan.

9.13 Jubilee Wood – 10 year commemoration of planting 2013.   Clerk to confirm costing for the Woodside Arbour and fixing posts and bring to the February meeting for approval

10.13 Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements scheme 2012/13 for Chapel End.   A letter from one resident had been received objecting to the proposed scheme.   This was discussed and consideration given to the concerns expressed in the letter.   The proposed scheme was however agreed to be an improvement on existing conditions.  A copy of the letter of objection to be sent to the County Council who make final decision to go ahead.

11.13 Fields in Trust –Cllr Alexander and Cllr Hayden signed the Deed of Dedication for QEII status, witnessed by Cllr James.   The Land Registry had amended paperwork for correspondence to be c/o clerk, Great & Little Gidding Parish Council.   Once the paperwork has been signed by Fields in Trust a plaque will be forwarded for installation at the Recreation Ground to commemorate obtaining the status

12.13 Clerks training –for information the clerk will be attending a Society of Local Council Clerks meeting on 22nd February when a member of HMRC will talk on Real Time PAYE and further information on dispensations will be given

13.13 Representative reports

Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens is working with the County Council to replace missing ROW signs

Tree warden & Jubilee wood  – see 6/7/9.13 above

Highways – an email had been received from a resident in Chapel End asking for this road to be included in the County Council gritting route.   Email to be forwarded to the CC and clerk to send details of 2012-13 gritting route criteria to resident for information.  Chapel End road had received some patch repairs.

Police – Several Cllrs reported recent disturbances in the village and it was agreed that the clerk should write to the Housing Association to keep them informed

Finance & Charities -Cllr Hodson reported that we continue to work within budget

Village Hall & Recreation Ground –The Pavilion had been broken into twice and it was agreed that this should be reported to the police by the VH & RG committee.   The Pavilion is in poor condition and a decision will have to be made shortly as to its removal and whether to consider a replacement.   The monthly inspection of play equipment had brought to light a rotten post on the plank bridge – the post had been removed for safety.   It was discussed whether to repair or replace this equipment and it was agreed to remove and not replace.

Allotments- Several sheds had been broken into and owners have reported this to the police.

Community Liaison – no reports had been received from community groups


14.13 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                  £295.70

Anglian Water (Allotments) (Charity Account)                   £35.40

A Alexander (refund of BT payment)                                £129.00


15.13 Planning – no plans received

16.13 Visit to HDC offices to meet staff Friday 25th January 2pm – this had been postponed, new date to be given

17.13 Date of Annual Parish Meeting and suggestions for speakers – it was agreed to hold this on 3rd Tuesday in March (this is also when the PCSO will be attending)

18.13 Correspondence received

. Heavy Commercial Vehicle Strategy (HCV) webpage – Cllrs invited to look at this online with a view to completing the survey

. Grazing Land – a letter had been received from a resident asking that if any grazing land should come up for rent if they could be considered as a tenant – clerk to hold on file.



Date of next meeting  – Tuesday 19th February 2013

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