Present:   Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hodson, Howden, Giddens, James, Trolove, District Cllr Tuplin, Julie Byard (School Governor) and clerk


963.12 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Hayden and accepted

964.12 Minutes of 18th September 2012 were agreed and signed

965.12 Matters arising (information only)

966.12 Members declaration of interest for agenda items – none

967.12 New Standards Regime and Code of Conduct – All Cllrs present had completed their disclosure forms.   Training had been offered by the District Council on the new Code of Conduct

968.12 Rural Broadband – Get Cambridgeshire connected update – 53 had signed up from Great Gidding and 1 from Little Gidding – residents are still being urged to join in the campaign

969.12 Fields in Trust – QE2 dedication of Great Gidding Recreation Ground – paperwork was proceeding and it was hoped to receive the commemorative plaque soon

970.12 BT account review – the clerk had amended the BT contract to make a saving on the broadband payments from £19.30 down to £12 per month.   It was also agreed to pay the line rental in advance to make another saving over the year.

971.12 Recording Wildlife near you project – this will be advertised on the noticeboards for any volunteers to take up

972.12 Mobile Post Office – reliability of visits not discussed – agenda item for next month

973.12 History Group – hire of hall for meetings.   It was agreed to use the S137 already allocated to the History Group for the hire of the hall up to the sum of £100

974.12 Community Hub stake holder meeting 18th October 5 – 7pm Sawtry College – no one was available to attend this meeting


975.12 Representative reports

Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens – nothing to report

Tree warden & Jubilee wood – Cllr Trolove had applied to participate in the Parish Planting Scheme 2012 run by the District Council

Highways & Police – It was
noted that the road surface was being damaged by the development at the Sewage Works – clerk to inform the County Council.   Cllr James agreed to contact the County Council to hasten the clearance of leaves and branches along the Jittty

Finance & Charities (Precept planning November) Cllr Hodson suggested that some of the S137 not allocated this year could be used to top up the gravel at the hall car park. Village Hall committee to obtain price for discussion at next meeting

Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Cllr Howden reported that the hall was receiving bookings and the next stage of improvements would be the replacement of some external doors.   Recreation Ground had received a safety check and all was in order for the winter – tap needed lagging.

Allotments – Cllr Howden reported that allotment holders were tidying up for the winter.   It was agreed to leave the one spare plot to receive more manure and allow bonfires. Cllr Alexander had turned off the water in preparation to repair the leak.

School Liaison – Julie Byard updated the Council on the increase in numbers at the school from 43 last year to 61 this year enabling the return to three classes..   They had received another excellent Ofsted and there had been some change in staff.   Parents were being encouraged to lift share and 2 staff had now made arrangements to park in residents drives to help alleviate the parking outside the school.   Cllr James suggested the school contact the Safer Schools scheme for possible improvement in signage.   The school asked for the Parish Councils support by writing to Sir Phillip Naylor Leyland who has agreed to repair the Bell Tower if the community are behind the work.   It was agreed that the clerk write a letter in support of this.   Cllr Giddens offered to help steward the parking when the school hosted an event and to help in the classroom/assembly.


976.12 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                  £295.70

CGM grass cutting August/September                              £343.83


977.12   Planning –notification of permission granted for erection of two glass reinforced plastic kiosks to house electrical and control equipment and widening of site access Great Gidding Sewage Treatment Works, Back Lane, Great Gidding

978.12   Correspondence received

.Victim Support – request for contribution towards essential work in Cambridgeshire – none allocated

. Living Sport funding advice event 25th October 7 – 9pm Willingham – noted

. Community Action issue 2/Autumn 2012 for ACRE members – noted

979.12   Trustee meeting – it was agreed to hold a Trustee meeting following the next Parish Council meeting

980.12   Date on next meeting –as the clerk was not available on the third Tuesday of November it was agreed to change the date of the next meeting to Tuesday 13thNovember


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