1000.12 Apologies for absence were received From Cllr Trolove and accepted

1001.12 Minutes of 13th November 2012 were agreed and signed

1002.12 Matters arising (information only)

1003.12 Members declaration of interest for agenda items – none

1004.12 Dispensation Procedure update – The Council considered granting a general dispensation to all Councillors when setting the precept and annual budget where every member will have a Disclosable Pecuniary interest.  Item for next agenda to confirm paperwork.

1005.12 Ash dieback FERA Inspection had taken place and report was awaited. The publication Common Sense Risk Management of Trees was discussed and it was agreed to make an inventory of all trees on land owned by the Parish Council.   Agenda item for January

1006.12 Provision of Grit/Salt Bin for path to School and Churchyard.   This was discussed but agreed that the School seek provision of a bin for their use.

1007.12 BT account – to take advantage of the annual line rental saving payment is required by credit/debit card.   It was proposed by Cllr James and seconded by Cllr Giddens that the annual line rental be paid by personal credit card and Cllr Alexandar to be reimbursed, all agreed.  Payment of £129 will give a saving of £56 on the 2013 line rental and will also be before the price increase in January 13

1008.12 Jubilee Wood – 10 year commemoration of planting 2013.   It was agreed to mark this occasion with a Woodside Arbour which would be funded jointly by the Parish Council S137 and the Great Gidding Charity

1009.12 Mobile Post Office opening times.   Cllr Hayden had received complaints about the service being unreliable. It was reported that an arrangement had been made with a resident who puts out a sign when the vehicle could not attend.   The only times the van should not be present is if the road conditions are dangerous or the signal for the equipment is not available.   Residents are to be asked to keep a record to enable the Parish Council to take up any complaint

1010.12 Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements scheme 2012/13 for Chapel End.   The proposed plan had been received to provide a footway along Chapel End.   This will be forwarded to those residents in adjacent properties in Chapel End for comment by 15th January.   The scheme will cost the Parish Council £1100 which is 10% of the total cost.

1011.12 Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements scheme 2013/14 application.   It was agreed not to apply as no schemes had been identified at the present time.   Councillors invited to come up with ideas for future improvements/applications

1012.12 It was agreed to amend Representatives reports from School Liaison to Community Liaison

1013.12 Representative reports

Rights of Way – The County Council will look to replace the Rights of Way signs that have recently gone missing.

Tree warden & Jubilee wood – The Electricity provider will be cutting back trees from their lines along the Jitty.   Work had been carried out by the County Council on trees in Gains Lane

Highways & Police   Reports of burglaries in the local area had been received.   PCSO will be attending the February meeting

Finance & Charities – budget reviewed, no charity news

Village Hall & Recreation Ground –Fire inspection certificate completed and smoke detectors being updated in village hall.   The Recreation Ground is in good condition, despite wet weather.

Allotments – ground very wet and one water tap has been turned off and the other lagged.

School Liaison – this report will now cover the community allowing information from other groups within the village to be covered.


1014.12 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                  £295.70

Anglian Water (Recreation Ground)                                  £86.11

BT (direct debit)                                                                 £77.35

PGR Recycling Limited gravel for village hall (S137)     £395.76


1015.12 Planning – 1201709REC Replacement of Planning Permission 0901577CAC for demolition of farm house and out building, 61 Main Street, Great Gidding.   This was approved with the additional comment of concern that some roof tiles are loose and may be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles.

1016.12 Visit to HDC offices to meet staff Friday 25th January 2pm – Cllrs Alexander, James and Clerk to attend.

1017.12 Sawtry Eye – consider delivery to village and Parish Council contribution.   This publication is now delivered to the neighbouring villages of Hamerton, Glatton and Winwick.   It was suggested that we ask residents if they would also like to receive a copy subject to someone being willing to deliver.   A note to go in the next Clarion to gauge interest

1018.12 Correspondence received

.   Safely Managing National Grid’s gas pipeline on your land – copy to tenants

.   Draft SPD on Wind Energy – impact on Northern Wold’s.   Two letters from other parishes had been received concerning this – noted

.   Anglian Water survey for allotments and recreation field had been completed by the clerk.

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