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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 19th February 2013 at 7.30pm.


Present:   Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hodson, Howden, Trolove, Giddens, James and clerk

19.13 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Hayden, District Cllrs Tuplin and Tysoe

20.13 Minutes of 15th January 2013 were agreed and signed

21.13 Matters arising (information only)

22.13 Members declaration of interest for agenda items – none


23.13 Grass cutting contract for Recreation Ground and Village Green – quote received from existing contractor CGM and previous contractor Bradgate gave a verbal indication that they could not match this.   CGM had proved to be a reliable contractor in 2012 at a very competitive rate and it was agreed to accept the CGM quote of £58.28 + VAT for the Recreation Ground and £16.94 + VAT for the Village Green.   The specification had not changed with 12 cuts per year.


24.13 Cambridgeshire Future Transport is looking at ways to work with local communities to provide future bus services.   Lydia James agreed to be the Parish Council representative at a briefing session (date to be announced).   A note would also be put in the clarion asking for those who use the bus to contact the Parish Council so that they can be represented.


25.13 Clarion – March 2013 draft issue – it was agreed to publish this and ask Molly Garner to deliver – £10 payment agreed


26.13 Village maintenance – Cllrs were invited to check the village for any maintenance that may be required and this will be an agenda item in April


27.13 Jubilee Wood – donation to Great Gidding Charity of £200 from S137 for contribution towards a Woodside Arbour to commemorate 10 years since planting.   This payment was agreed and clerk to transfer money from PC account directly to Charity account

28.13 Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements scheme 2012/13 for Chapel End – correspondence.   The PC had been copied in to an email from one resident to CCC who has objected to the proposed new footway in Chapel End.   The decision as to whether this work goes ahead will be made by the portfolio holder on 7th March.   Michael Trolove had taken photographs following the recent heavy rain and had identified a problem with a drain in Chapel End.   Photographs and report will be sent to CCC for attention.


29.13 Provision of Grit Bin – Chapel End.   It was agreed not to provide a bin as the PC have adopted a no grit policy.


30.13 Rural broadband – County Council awarded BT contract to roll out better broadband.   It was agreed to contact Annette Thorpe from BT who had attended a meeting in the village hall to ask for any further information available


31.13 Representative reports

Rights of Way – the CCC had provided replacement signs for all those that had gone missing

Tree warden & Jubilee wood –50 trees under the District Council scheme had been planted within the village.

Highways & Police – clerk had reported blocked drain in Main Street and missing County sign on the Luddington Road

Finance & Charities – Council Tax- Precept 2013/14 – Parish Council to receive precept as requested £10,835

Village Hall & Recreation Ground.   The smoke detectors in the hall were being replaced and doors for the office, small meeting room and side room are to be replaced.    It was agreed to visit the Recreation Ground to agree the siting of the QEII commemoration plaque

Allotments – nothing to report

Community Liaison – Cllr Giddens is helping at the school on a voluntary basis.


32.13 Reconciliation of accounts and payment of cheques

S Dalley (clerk)                                                                              £295.70

S Dalley (postage/stamps/copier paper/ key cut)                             £17.38

Great Gidding Charity (S137 donation to woodside arbour)         £200.00

33.13 Planning Application 1300087FUL conservatory and landing extension, 59 Main Street – approved


34.13 Visit to HDC offices to meet staff – date to be arranged for a Friday in April

35.13 Date of Annual Parish Meeting 19th March at 7pm prior to PC meeting and PCSO will be in attendance.   Notice of this meeting will be in the Clarion and a poster will be placed on the noticeboards.


36.13 Correspondence received

. Email re Grazing Land – it was noted that a parishioner had expressed interest in any grazing land that may become available in the village – to be kept on file


. Parish Paths and Future Partnerships meeting 7th March – nobody able to attend


. Anglia in Bloom 2013 – it was agreed not to pursue this competition this year


. Register of Members’ Interest – publication on website, it was noted that these are now on the HDC website


. Huntingdonshire Matters invite to ‘From Ideas to Actions’ event 28th Feb – nobody able to attend



Date of next meeting Tuesday 19th March at 7.30pm

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