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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Great Gidding on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 at 7.30pm.


Present: Cllrs Alexander (Chairman), Hayden, Hodson, Howden, Trolove, Giddens, James, clerk and two members of the public


56.13 Apologies for absence – none received

57.13 Minutes of 19th March 2013 were agreed and signed

58.13 Matters arising (information only)

59.13 Members declaration of interest for agenda items – none

60.13 Huntingdonshire District Council Green Heart Awards – Michael Trolove had been nominated and the application agreed – clerk to submit entry form

61.13 Visit to HDC offices 12th April – Cllr Boddington had provided a tour of the new building and an opportunity to see the District Council at work – Cllr Alexander and clerk attended.

62.13 Annual audit appointment of Littlejohn – noted. It was agreed to appoint Steve Wilson to carry out the Internal Audit.

63.13 Huntingdonshire District Council Community Chest Fund – Cllr James had produced a scheme to update the play equipment and provide a seating area at the Recreation Ground.   It was agreed that Cllr James submit the application on behalf of the Parish Council

64.13 Dog fouling has been reported on the Recreation Ground – The management committee have replaced the no dog signs at both entrances.

65.13 Chapel End – the new footway had been completed and the highways department had visited the site with a view to improving the drainage higher up the road.   It was agreed to ask the Post Office van to park outside the Recreation Ground to help alleviate parking issues and to stop verge overrun.

66.13 Parish Council rent for use of village hall – annual payment of £550 agreed

67.13 Street Light replacements to low energy white light, Luddington Road – noted

68.13 Luddington Road repairs – everyone to be encouraged to report the potholes to the CC

69.13 Receipt of Recycling credits from clothing bank £119.85 – it was agreed to set aside these payments for a suitable project

70.13 Representatives reports

Rights of Way – Cllr Giddens reported that the bridle path leading off Luddington Road had been badly rutted.

Tree Warden & Jubilee Wood – Cllr Trolove reported that a tree had been felled in the Baptist Chapel garden but had been informed a replacement is to be planted,

Highways & Police – Repairs to Back Lane would be carried out by the County Council and funded by AWA –Cllr Hayden had no new police update

Finance & Charities – Cllr Hodson had produced the year end budget figures and would be making the charity commission submission in due course

Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Litter appeared to be a problem at the Recreation Ground and the clerk to check if the District Council are emptying the bins

Allotments – one vacancy

Community Liaison –


Julie Byard gave a comprehensive report on the school which has seen an increase in numbers, some staff changes, the running of the Stay and Play on a Thursday morning, links in the village with art classes, village show and the eco club carrying out litter collection in the churchyard.


Rose Foster had attended the meeting to ask the Parish Council to encourage community involvement in the village – It was agreed to include an article in the next Clarion inviting volunteers to look out for ways to take part in helping keep

the village looking tidy, including the churchyard.



71.13 Payment of accounts

Village Hall (hire of office facilities)           £550.00

Henderson – Woodside Arbour                    £435.00 (Charity account)

S Dalley Clerk payment April                      £295.70

Anglian Water Recreation Ground                 £50.72

Anglian Water Allotments                              £18.98(Charity account)

72.13 Planning – no plans received

73.13 Connecting Cambridgeshire update – Cllr Alexander reported on the meeting held on 16th April – the roll out plan for improved broadband will be announced in the summer.

74.13 Correspondence received

. Community Infrastructure Levy consultation – noted

.Huntingdon Association for Community Transport – Notification of the HACT speaker at the next meeting to be advertised

.Time banking workshop 30th April, St Ives – noted

.CAPALC affiliation fees 2013-14 of £106.49 – info only as no longer a member

.Introduction of Electronic Consultation for planning related correspondence from Cambridgeshire County Council – noted

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