Neighbourhood Plan 2023

Neighbourhood Plan covering the Giddings, Hamerton and Winwick

The Neighbourhood Plan Group have joined forces with 4 people in Hamerton / Steeple Gidding and Winwick to create a joint Neighbourhood Plan in 2023 covering the Giddings, Hamerton and Winwick. This is an opportunity for all of us to set out a positive vision of how we would like our community to evolve over the next 15 years to meet the needs and aspirations of both the residents and businesses.

Surveys to be sent out in Spring

The first stage of this will be the surveys, that will be sent out in the Spring 2023. The results of these surveys will form the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan covering such things as what we have now and what we want in terms of amenities, facilities, green spacing, housing and services.

Your chance to influence Council decisions

The Plan will be submitted to Huntingdon District Council after formal approval by you. It is a statutory document and as such strongly influences their decision making about the Giddings, Hamerton and Winwick. Throughout this process we will provide you with regular updates and look forward to your feedback.

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    Sadly, the decision over the closure of Great Gidding school is likely to have been made before these surveys are sent out, which is such as shame as the school should be an important part of the future Neighbourhood Plan.

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    I completely agree Melanie.
    Our village school, here since 1846 and an important presence in our village . . . but I believe local residents will be surveyed as part of the consultation process to discuss its possible closure.

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