Poachers, Dobbers and Crack

Another splendid evening at the Village Hall for the monthly Beer and Skittles with superb provender provided (of particular note – Andrew’s potatoes, Dick’s game pie and Michael’s beer infused Yorkshire’s and bread).

Great beer selection – this months theme was beers over 5% – with over 30 bottles in all. Dobber (complex bitter brew, bitter/fruity and slightly woody/malty, balanced, hazy, rocky head – from Manchester) was well recieved likewise the rum infused Innis & Gunn. Opinions were sharply divided over badgers fruity Poachers Choice from exquisite to ugh! like liquorice Allsorts.

Reindeer p…

Christmas Crack had the novelty label but was more akin to reindeer p…. The heavy weight top end beers all had their unique tastes and we probably didn’t find the subtleties within them, concentrating on getting to the end of the line but then thats the point of our brand of beer tasting – if its good enough on the taste buds you will remember it.


Ohh… and the skittles was quite entertaining too! Thanks to everyone for taking part. This months trophy winner was Rob Alexander for his dedication to skittle scoring and statistics.

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