"Pop up" Jubilee Wood Knowledge Share

Next event – Pond life in, on and above & habitat construction

Sunday 12th May 2.30pm.

The May event focuses on the pond environment (although if it doent rain hard soon we may just be looking at a deep muddy puddle) Always facinating to see an active pond and we will try to have some jars showing the micro life that inhabits the lower reaches. All welcome, dogs on leads please or we wont be able to see into the pond.

Bring a flask or bottle of cold drink, you never know it may be warm

Look out for some monthly themed topics that will take place in the Jubilee wood this spring and summer.

On the second Sunday of each month starting at 2.30pm there will be a chance to learn about a particular topic using the Jubilee wood as the source of inspiration. The knowledge will come from amongst those who come along.

So far the list of themes is as follows

March 10th – Close up photography How to use your camera phone to get pin sharp close ups or using a big digital SLR to get right in with macro shots using elements of the Jubilee wood for inspiration and subject matter.

April 14th – Tree identification in the Jubilee Wood

May 12th – Pond life, in on and above, plus Habitat Construction

June 9th – Grass and plant identification

July 14th – Nature & Well Being

August 11th – Crafts – Leaf and bark rubbing, drawing and natural sculptures

It is hoped that those who have an in-depth knowledge of the subjects will be happy to attend and share with the attendee’s. All ages welcome.

If you have reference books they’d be useful or apps for the well connected.

We will have a “pop-up” meeting point within the wood

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