Proposed Base Station Installation and Mast on Main Street Great Gidding

Please be aware that the Parish Council received notification on 18 July 2019 of a proposal for the potential siting of a Mobile Communications Mast and Base Station situated in the grass verge on Highways land close to the Old Chapel and close to the School.  

Nokia pre-application drawing

This is part of a pre-planning process where the Harlequin Group are acting as agents for Cornerstone and Telefonica and have offered the Parish Council the opportunity to comment on the proposal. The Parish Council have responded on 31 July and a copy of our response is available to view by downloading the file ‘Harlequin-31-Jul-19‘. We acknowledge that there is an ever increasing requirement for better communications, but our considered response aims to get Harlequin and the Communications companies to engage with us so that we can collectively achieve a better environmental solution for the siting of this mast and equipment. 

Base station and mast, Main Street, Great Gidding
Mock up of proposed base station and mast looking south on Main Street, Great Gidding
Base station and mast, Main Street, Great Gidding
Mock up of proposed base station and mast looking north on Main Street, Great Gidding

Obviously all of our residents are free to lodge an objection or opinion if they so wish and this can be achieved by replying directly to Carolyn Wilson at the Harlequin Group email:  or make your opinions known through our Parish Council email account   We anticipate this pre-planning process may take some time,  possibly even several months or longer, but we will ensure that all Great Gidding residents are kept fully informed as this issue evolves.  

Nick Hill, Chairman, Great and Little Gidding Parish Council

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    Thank you for putting up the mock-up of how it will look.

    I think we should fight this, it’s not a suitable place for this to be sited.

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    If everyone in the village could see these photos of how it is going to look in only a few weeks time, I’m sure we could collect a hundred signatures of who is against it in no time!

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    This is not a suitable place for this piece of equipment to be sighted, I hope the parish council are objecting to it and maybe suggesting alternatives?

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    I totally agree, it shouldn’t be put there or any where near houses.

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    I have today sent an email to Carolyn Wilson objecting to the proposed sighting of the telecommunication mast.

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    Email sent to Harlequin objecting and copied to Parish Council

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