Results from the Great & Little Gidding Community Survey - Spring 2018

The results from the Community Survey were presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on 15 May 2018.

This Survey was the first “test“ of community opinion in Great & Little Gidding since 2003.  The focus of the questions was on life in the Parish, community services, roads and transport and also asked about any future development in the Parish.   

View a copy of the Community Survey Presentation 15 May 18 (Final)

School children’s ‘Parliament’

With the approval of the Head Teacher at Great Gidding primary school, we also conducted a separate survey with “child-friendly” questions and held a meeting with the school children’s ‘Parliament’. The children were asked for their opinions about the village recreation and play park facilities and about the natural local heritage including the Nature Trails and Jubilee Wood.   

Village life and sense of community

Respondents of the main survey really liked the village life and sense of community and having access to a village shop and pub.  Conversely, lack of suitable public transport, the absence of a permanent Post Office were negative factors. Additionally, there is a perception that an aging Parish population and a degree of apathy towards getting involved in the community detracted from the quality of village life.

Regarding roads in the Parish: most people thought the roads were safe and adequate for current traffic; however, speeding on the B660 was a significant concern, as were road maintenance issues: especially potholes, subsidence of the road edges and poor road markings.  Long term surface water and drainage issues persist in Gains Lane and Chapel End.
There was almost an even split of opinion regarding any concerns about future developments, but significantly all respondents agreed that any future development should be sympathetic to the existing village environment. Most people objected to any large-scale developments but were happy to encourage smaller ‘infill’ projects.

Accurate ‘snapshot’

In summary, we are very grateful to those who participated in the 2018 Community Survey and we believe that it provided an accurate ‘snapshot’ of opinion that will enable the Parish Council to focus on those issues that are of greatest concern to the residents of Great & Little Gidding. 
Any questions please ask.  Many thanks.
Nick Hill (Parish Councillor)

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