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Someone in the village might want to consider being the community co-ordinator for this which is possibly best described as a digital Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

There appears to be a subscription fee which I’m sure the Parish Council would consider paying as the application would be for the benefit of the whole community.

I believe our neighbours in Glatton use this scheme succesfully.

Read the details on the web page and if its something you could do for the community get yourself along to the next Parish Council meeting and ask them to consider supporting the scheme.

Michael Trolove


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    I’ve read the safe land website a couple of times.

    I have some doubts about it as an emergency tool which they are trying to pitch it as:

    1. The Connected Home type services require alarms which are already connected to the appropriate authorities for true emergencies.
    2. The Personal Alarm type services might be useful, but in such a rural environment I can’t imagine many times it would be needed for a true emergency
    3. Only people with smart phones will be able to make use of it when they need help, but I suspect the most vulnerable people in the village are elderly and less likely to have access to a smart phone.

    That said, it might be useful as a community cohesion tool, especially if used in co-operation with this website.

    Certainly worth a try for a year to see if the village makes any use of the system so I can try co-ordinating a group so long as it doesn’t take too much time and you still need someone.

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    Do we still have the Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

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