Summer Opening of Byway 33

Many local residents will know that Sawtry Byway 33 – the Bullock Road that links Milking Slade Lane, Great Gidding with Gidding Road, Sawtry, is usually open during the drier months from April until October every year.

The gates controlling access to Byway 33 have only very recently been opened to the public, but may be closed at short notice at any time. Please note that access to all local Byways are solely controlled by Cambridgeshire County Council and the “Rights of Way” officers will make the decisions regarding when the Byway gates are open to the public.

Clearly, right of way access to historic Byways is very important to many in our local communities, and if there are any queries regarding Byway access, then please contact the Rights of Way Officer for Huntingdonshire directly.

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