Supercars in Great Gidding

A Gidding resident was getting quite excited as he turned the uphill bend towards his home and saw a wonderful array of supercars parked right outside his house. Racking his brains for any competitions he’d entered and forgotten about, his pace quickened.

Alas… it was just some lucky folk enjoying the B660 in their OWN cars (harrumph) who happened perchance to stop outside his house. Anyway, a friendly conversation ensued about the ideal merits of these particular road bends being particularly suitable for Lamborghinis and the like and all went on their merry way (well, almost all of them).

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    Made me laugh, saw this convoy of 12 cylinder firepower head out of the village behind a group of cyclists who were dawdling behind a Land-rover and horse box all the way to Lutton cross roads. But then I was on a tractor in a field so the pecking order of transport was firmly established in the parish on this occasion.

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