The 2014 Great Gidding Village Show

Village Show Update

Another challenging year for gardeners but we feel sure that even after all the difficulties we’ve faced with the weather, the village show is going to have some great entries. It’s always a pleasure to see the fantastic results people achieve with their vegetables and fruit and more than anything it’s being part of a fun village event so please don’t think your entry isn’t worth showing – it will be!
As to the baking side of things, there are all sorts of classes and hopefully you’ll get a chance to try some of the entries. This year we are doing a ‘sealed envelope’ auction where people can put an undisclosed amount of money in an envelope with their name on and we’ll then pick out a bag of goodies from the show and match it with the envelope. People will still be able to retrieve their entry before this auction but if you donate vegetables, fruit or cakes we would be very grateful .
We look forward to seeing you at the BBQ even if you can’t make the show so come along with the family and enjoy a relaxing time with the rest of us. Remember, anyone can enter you don’t have to live in Gidding!

Sue Jarvis

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    Could you give me an idea what time everything’s happening please Sue?
    Thanks, R

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