The gap in the Jubilee Wood hedge, a photographic record

This is an interactive exercise for digital camera users, a chance to get your photograph on the village website.


Along the eastern boundary hedgerow of the Jubilee Wood is a large gap in the hedge deliberately maintained so as to provide a “window” for the view beyond the hedge.

Jubilee WoodHere’s the gap, all you have to do is take your digital photograph(s) standing closer to the hedge (examples below) and then send it to  the  website editor and  if suitable it will be uploaded into the gallery that accompanies this page

We are looking for changing season’s, weather, field activity, the moon, the sun rising anything you see through this gap.  Zoom, standard or wide angle lens, it doesn’t matter.

A short description would help.

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    Look out for some urban orange

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    Love the night shots. Are you sure those lights are Cow Pasture farm and not the Fen Tiger!!

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