The Great Fen Project

Landscape changes 7 miles to the East of Great Gidding


If you head towards Holme village on the B660 and cross the East Coast mainline railway to your left is the Holme National Nature Reserve , a large area of  Silver Birch woodland. Travel a little further to Ramsey St Mary’s and you will come across the famous Woodwalton Fen National Nature Reserve. In between and all around is the distinctive black peat soil and deep drainage ditches.

Both these sites have been under pressure to survive , the fen soil keeps on shrinking and the water table gets lower drying these wetland nature reserves out. The reason the water table gets lower is because to  farm the land successfully needs dry soil but the paradox is that the water is constantly being pumped into rivers which are higher than the land.

To stop the rot a grand scheme has been put into place to link the two reserves together by acquiring  the land in between  the two reserves and managing the water table in a nature friendly way. The scheme managed by Natural England and other partners is known as the Great Fen project


I would encourage you to visit both reserves as major landscape changes are already under way including the development  of a 500 acre reed bed to the north east of Holme Fen Reserve . Walking in Holme Fen Nature Reserve is fairly dry even in this wet time , so wear stout walking shoes.

Make the most of your visit to the Great Fen project by utilising their comprehensive web site

A selection of photos from around the Holme Fen National Nature Reserve




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    Nice idea for a walk. You can download a pdf map of a simple walk from the Great Fen website.

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