Tour Of Cambridegshire (Gran Fondo)

The first cycling Tour Of Cambridgeshire took place in June 2015 The route on public roads that were closed specifically for the race to happen. Around 5000 cyclists were reported to have signed up to take part. So on a stunningly glorious day we watched and waited to see what 5000 cyclists looked like speeding through the village. What a spectacle apart from the heads down first few hundred who were on a mission to win the great mass of riders responded in kind to the roadside cheering and reserved clapping that Brits do so well. It was a grand spectacle and is to be repeated in 2016 on the same route. A Gran Fondo is a cycling event on closed roads for mass participation.

It should be noted that there were a few grumbles and the notification process before hand could have been more robust. The idea of the roads closed for 12 hours was a nonsense and should never have been allowed to be displayed, despite rectification the die had been cast. Hopefully the organisers will take this on board and make bigger efforts to contact affected buisnesses on route and make it clear that nobody is trapped in their homes.

The plus side of all this is Gidding is on the map and not some backwater beyond Sawtry and Stilton. It provided grand entertaiment on the roadside at no cost and no doubt charities were the biggest winners.

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    Sounds like another excuse to get together! Looking forward to this again.

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