Update 03.07.19 - Proposed Base Station Installation and Mast on Main Street

A response from the Harlequin Group to the Parish Council’s Objection to the O2 Base Station and Mast proposal. We will be adding regular updates here from both the Parish Council and individuals. Keep checking the website.

I have received a response from Carolyn Wilson at Harlequin to the Parish Council’s Objection to the O2 Base Station and Mast proposal.  We fully intend to engage with Harlequin and Cornerstone over the coming weeks to offer less intrusive options for the siting of the mast.  As the situation evolves we will ensure that the Community is kept fully informed. 

“ Thank you for the attached objection on behalf of the Parish Council, the points are noted and have been sent Cornerstone for their consideration. I understand the concern regarding the timing of our consultation at the start of the school summer break, however the operators are unable to put their project on hold for a 6/7 week period to accommodate this, we did try to get our consultation letters issued before the school broke up and have received an objection from the School Governors, which has also been passed to Cornerstone along with those individual objections received from residents to date.

I note the Parish Council’s desire to engage with us and Cornerstone to try to find a more suitable location for the mast and this offer is appreciated and I shall be recommending this offer is accepted and the alternative options are reconsidered. Of the alternative options listed in our letter would the Parish Council consider any of these locations suitable and we could reassess them, or would you have any other suggested locations we could look at?

I look forward to your response on behalf of the Parish Council at your earliest convenience.”

Nick Hill
Great & Little Gidding Parish Council

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    Where are the alternative locations mentioned please?

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    Thank you for this and I look forward to the outcome of it all

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