Village Hall Committee – Could You Help?

Many of you will know that historically the Great Gidding Village Hall has been managed by a separate committee of volunteers who get involved in the day-to-day running of the Hall. 

The Village Hall has been very well supported by the volunteers in the past, but we have been without a Village Hall committee since last August. The Parish Council has been able to manage the Hall in the meantime, and one or two Councillors have been instrumental in helping address the list of maintenance issues and making improvements such as getting the Hall redecorated. 

We are looking for volunteers from within the Community

However, we are a small Parish Council with limited resources and we are looking for volunteers from within the Community who would be willing to help form a new Village Hall Management Committee.  If you would like to get involved, and wish to find out more, please contact Julie Trolove our Parish Clerk on 01832 293068 or email:

We believe the Village Hall is an asset for everyone to use,  but we would really appreciate your help to ensure that the it remains a central part of our Community in future!!

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