Visit to the Great Gidding School museum

I received letters from children at Great Gidding School, inviting me to visit and went along last Friday. When I arrived, I was shown around the fabulous Museum that the school children and staff have put together – it lines the walls of one of the classrooms, and is a fantastic record of events that have taken place over the years, and the children that have passed through the gates. There are many photos to be seen both recent and more historic, awards, plans, yearbooks and Headteacher’s log books dating back to 1882.

The children and staff have issued an invitation to all former pupils, parents, staff and village residents to call in, take a look around, share any memories and bring along photographs of schooldays.

The Museum will be open on the following days, between 3.30 and 5.00PM:

Tuesday 4th July/Thursday 6th July/Tuesday 11th July and Thursday 13th July

PLEASE email the school on to advise them – they would be delighted to see visitors, but need to ensure that someone is available to accompany you (if you need to phone on 293466, please be aware that school staff may not be available to answer your call).

Posted by Julie Trolove, Parish Clerk and village history enthusiast.

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    I’d love to know if there are any giddings in the year book. I’m a giddings!

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    I don’t recall seeing the name in the log books but if,from your family history research, you can send dates or a location of where they lived, I will take another look.

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