Future of Great Gidding C of E (VC) School - Extraordinary Meeting of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council

Extraordinary Meeting of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council regarding the possible closure of Great Gidding C of E (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School

At Cambridgeshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee Meeting held on 17th January 2023 a decision was made to commence a 30-day consultation on the proposed closure of the Primary School in Great Gidding.

Download the proposal for closure:

Agenda item 4 – Great Giddings Church of England Primary School.pdf

Appendix 1 – Current financial forecast.pdf

Meeting to include Education Department representatives

As part of this consultation process, the Local Authority have committed to consult with the Parish Council and we as members of the Parish Council wish to ensure we are representing the views of our community. To facilitate this process and provide opportunity for members of the community to engage, Great & Little Gidding Parish Council will be hosting a meeting on Thursday 9thFebruary in Great Gidding Village Hall at 7.45pm. In attendance will be representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Education Department as well as members of Great and Little Gidding Parish Council. In addition, our local MP, County and District Councillors have been invited to attend, as have representatives of each of the Parish Councils/Parish Meetings in the school’s catchment area.

We are keen to ensure that all interested parties have the opportunity to present their viewpoint.

Date of the meeting: Thursday 9th February 2023

Time: To commence at 7.45pm 

Venue: Great Gidding Village Hall

(PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER than 7.30PM as there is a prior booking in the Village Hall).

Questions, comments and observations

Questions, comments and observations should be submitted to the Parish Clerk by 5.00pm on Friday 3rd February, these will be given priority at the meeting (we cannot guarantee that any questions/comments/observations received after that deadline will be heard at the meeting)


  1. A presentation from representatives of the Education Department of Cambridgeshire County Council
  2. Questions from Great & Little Gidding Parish Council to the Education Department representatives
  3. Questions, comments and observations submitted by members of the community. (Any questions remaining at the end of the meeting will be forwarded to the Local Authority)
  4. Reminder of timeline
  5. 9.00pm. Close of meeting.

Chairman: Paul Hodson

Clerk:  Julie Trolove, Great and Little Gidding Parish Council, The Village Hall, Main Street, Great Gidding, Huntingdon, Cambs  PE28 5NU 

TEL: 01832 293 068 (answermachine only) 

EMAIL: ggparishcouncil@outlook.com

Julie Trolove, Clerk to Great & Little Gidding Parish Council
18th January 2023

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    Great news that everyone in the village and locally have the opportunity to give their views on the impact to our community. Presumably the Parish Council will identify the potential impact on the village hall, as there will be a knock on impact in loss of school bookings (panto etc) and kids parties as parents are more likely to use facilities closer to their new school?

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    It would be so sad for the young village children to have to be transported out of the village for education.

    We don’t have much in the village it would be a real shame for the school to close. I can’t believe that closing the school will be in the interest of the children.

    If the school were to close, what do the council plan to use the building it for? Are there any plans to convert it to an immigration Hostel?

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