Saturday strim

Title: Saturday strimLocation: Jubilee WoodDescription: A winters day to strim all the relavant areas in the Jubilee Wood before we embark on further clearance projects. Please wear appropriate safety clothing. 2 stroke fuel may be supplied (tbd)Start Time: 09:30Date: 2019-11-30

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THIS FRIDAY!!! Great Gidding’s great big ‘MORE THAN JUST A PLANT SALE’ evening.

THIS FRIDAY!!! Great Gidding's great big ‘MORE THAN JUST A PLANT SALE’ evening.

At 5.30p.m. on Friday May 10th we’ll be flinging open the doors of the Village Hall to welcome gardeners and plant hunters from near and far.. You can put your horticultural questions to Radio Cambridgeshire’s Tony Arnold in a Gardeners’ Question Time session. Browse stalls including interesting

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